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The first Zoot store was started in 1979 by Colin and Leigh Gewer, in the Brooklyn area of Pretoria and was designed by the architect Italo Lupini.

The Name Zoot was Leigh’s brainchild, born of the Oxford English

Dictionary: definition, fashionable, gaudy.

Giorgio Armani stated that – “Fashion is all about re-inventing yourself.”

                                         Our original logo


Zoot targets the fashion conscious customer with the latest trends in clothing, footwear and accessories, sourced both locally and abroad, in excellent quality at very reasonable prices.

The name Zoot is a registered trademark and has been extensively advertised for over Thirty-four years. Adams & Adams act on our behalf and are instructed to vehemently protect the integrity of the brand.

The forms of advertising include television, newspaper, magazine, fashion shoots and fashion show exposure. The brand has countrywide recognition and appeal and is well received by all South Africans.

We travel extensively and have developed sound relationships with reliable suppliers both locally and abroad. We currently source merchandise from Turkey, China, Peru, Bangladesh, India, Mauritius and Thailand and are constantly offered merchandise from our supply sources as well as numerous potential future suppliers that we cannot accommodate at present abroad.


Competition in retail fashion has become tougher in South Africa over the past decade.

Our Menlyn store after the re-invention and branderisation




In 2015 we closed down our brick and mortar stores in line with global trends and due to excessively high overheads which would have priced ourselves out of the hi-fashion market segment we target.

We concentrated our business efforts on wholesale and manufacturing since we closed the shops.

We view all players in the industry as competition and constantly strive to offer our customers the latest fashion at highly competitive prices, thereby giving ourselves a competitive edge. As we wish to be once again supply our loyal clientele with Must buy goods at Must buy Prices we have decided to open our website again.